Stop Blaming Obama

As I listen to all the political jargon, it saddens my heart to think that this is the people in America. Its like in the last 8 years since a black man was elected president all white Americans that have been having a problem in their lives, like no jobs or money, lack of education, unwanted pregnancies, teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol abuse, police trouble, divorce and bad vibes in life…karma is a beast!, stuff we blacks have dealt with all of our lives, now they want to blame everything on President Obama. It’s not his fault, lets place blame where it belongs…with former President G. Bush the son, and his dad too, but I will place blame on him. He started a war on false pretense and left the American people with a deficit that can not be paid back. America was falling apart at the seams when Barack Obama took office. Yes he has helped America get back on her feet again. I don’t agree with everything he as done as president, but it is not as bad as the republican party wants you to believe. We are not 100 yet but we are a hell of a lot closer then we were back in 2008. But if you listen to the Republicans President Obama is at fault for all the woes in America. Hypocrites, all of them. You know this is much deeper than one can imagine…all the areas of life in America is affected by this political season and what is truly happening. Because of Obama there are Americans who because of pre existing conditions could never get medical insurance but now they are able to have medical insurance, least anyone forget the automobile industry was on its last legs and he helped them rebuild their industry… I believe that history will be great for President Obama than what we live day by day. There are official Obama haters in America…
Now these men who supposedly condones what Donald Trump says when he is speaking his native tongue…racism and bigotry, but they still support him, who does that? Birds of a feather flock together, the apple don’t fall too far from the tree, you will know a tree by its fruits…does anyone remember these sayings or does it matter in this day and age? Well Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in my book are racist and bigots also, hypocrites. You see if you and a friend are riding in a car and you get pulled over by the police and you have committed a crime, guess what, so has your friend, he is considered as an accomplice the same hold true for those who condone Trumps words but still support him.
Well just wanted to get this off my chest…it is a scary time in America.