“…I am just saying”

Where do I began, that is the question…all of this political drama is very disheartening to me. It saddens me to see just how the heart of a lot of Americans are against other races and that is all races that are not white. I have watched on TV and through social media how white Americans loath anyone that does not represent their ideology. what i am saying is this, since Barack Obama became President of the US,(even before, but it was not so pronounced) things has been in a down hill slide and i don’t mean that he caused it. Because he is President white Americans are angry and want to take their country back, take it back from who, those that are working and paying taxes, those that are fighting for this country on the battlefield, those that are of color and scare you, someone who is not white?

America does not belong to the white race of people nor does it belong to any race of people, this land belongs to God first and the native Americans who were ousted by white Americans. Now because for the first time in american history white Americans are going to become a monitory by 2036 ,they are fighting everyone so that they can be in the lead again. We have reached a very low standard in the US and it is just gonna get worse i believe.

America the melting pot is not working anymore…the thought behind that was that we would all confirm to the white mans image but that is not what is happening. I looks more  like a salad. In salads you have a variety of things and you mix it all together and it is colorful and has a great flavor. Everyone, race, color and nationality has a lot to offer each other. Remember no man is an island we need each other to have a real full life.

Oh yeah by the way…they are trying to leave the mayhem and go to Mars, you can go the world over but you can’t run from yourself you will still be on Mars with yourself when you get there.

“i am just saying”



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