Trump 2015?

Sitting here thinking about what Donald Trump is really saying when he says “let’s take America back” or “let’s make America great again”. What I really hear is this, lets get rid of all the people that makes America bad and make it like it used to be when the white people were in control. Back then America was a good place to be but now you have blacks, yes you even have a black president and there are immigrants that are here illegal, lets get rid of them too, even the kids that are born here lets make their parents go back and take the kids with them. and women that try to tell us men what to do, let’s say ugly things about them and degrade them as well and keep them quite. What I hear Trump saying is to make America great again we must rid our nation of all the unwanted ones. Lets make it white power like it used to be. The scary part is that there are people that agrees with him and want white power to become great again in America. All the Hispanics and the Blacks, and all the other immigrants that live here in America lets send them back to their country. and believe me if he could send all the blacks back to Africa he would.

The problem that I have with Mr. Trump is that he fails to see that governing a country is not quite like building a business to the tune of a billion plus dollars. It takes someone that has an understanding of how to govern and be friendly with all the other nations on this planet. I don’t believe he knows how to do that. most of the words that I hear him say is “I” everything is centered around him.  The following that he has established is just like him. Most whom are white middle aged men and women who remember a time in America when the white man ruled and reigned with an iron fist and today it is not like that. the populous of white America is smaller than it ever has been. The Hispanic populous is the largest one in America today following closely behind is China…yeah go figure. So there is reason to “want to take America back”. I know it won’t happen in this day and age but white America is hoping to do just that.  I am just saying.